Your Twentieth Century

Of this I’m convinced.

Our dear Lord desired the full, active, conscious participation of the Faithful in the liturgy He had so patiently crafted for them over centuries and placed in their lap.  He told His servant John to call an ecumenical council so that He could tell His people this.

Then having told them this, how did He accomplish it?

Not in the way most people think.

Not by making it, suddenly, as much about us as it is about Him.

Not by letting the sons of freemasons seize the opportunity for their own ends and deface it almost beyond recognition.

How then?

He did it by taking it away.

By simply depriving them of it.  For forty years.

No coincidence, that.  Well He knew that if You want to make a people grow hungry for You again, You let them wander around in a desert for forty years, subsisting on wretchedness.

And when after forty years He told His servant Benedict to give it back to the Faithful — of whom there were, by then, many fewer than before — how hungry they were!  How fully active and conscious they suddenly were again!

Our Lord is so good.